Bouts of Childishness!

Growing up is confusion.It is confusion between the choices of either being a mature adult or being a childishly mature individual.It’s confusion between deciding whether the decisions you made in this confusing stage of your life were simply bouts of childishness or were actually decisions that you might want to consider as serious ones even when you’ve ‘grown up’.
As adolescents,we’re sometimes adults and at other times children.Adolescence is about choosing between the ‘hard practical realities’ and the ‘pure innocent naive desires’ of our heart that the entire world,our parents,our friends,the society asks us to give up,to classify as unattainable.

Even as adolescents,we retain some of the innocence and optimism,some of the faith in the goodness of the world and the people around us that we used to possess as kids,because the lighter shades of our childishness have still not started to get fully merged with the deeper shades of adulthood,and this purity is reflected in the decisions that we make.

But just as we’re about to implement these decisions,we’re made to question ourselves about how practical these decisions are.We’re made to ask ourselves if we’re being mature by making such silly,babyish choices.Why are these choices silly?Just because they’re based on faith and other such good stuff that supposedly dont exist in the ‘real world’??

Ever wondered why all those good things,all your innocent desires of childhood that’re dependent on trust and faith in your own abilites,whose fulfilment relies on your own optimism are shunned by the cynical adults as things that you’re never gonna achieve?Ever felt pain when this happened?
It’s simply because they’ve seen too many dismal failures, they’ve seen too many people first start off enthusiastically with their journeys for success and then give up their ‘childish demands’ and bow down to the ‘realities’ of life..

I really dunno how far these ‘realities’ are real before they themselves make them real..they make them real after they’re told time and again that they’re being foolish and that they’re never gonna make it..after being discouraged an infinite number of times by infinite number of people,even the most determined ones start becoming sceptical about their faith and actions based on that faith..they do what they’ve seen people around them do and when they do this,they’re said to have finally ‘grown up’.And then these cynical,’experienced’ adults,set out on their jobs to ‘warn’ the coming group of still enthusiastic,innocent optimistic adolescents about the failures,hurdles that they’ve already met and that these children would meet on various crossroads of their journey to the fulfilment of their desires.. why do they do this!?Nobody knows.Maybe they themselves would know?

Why cant we move on with our innocence instead of moving over it??Why cant we move on with our idealistic optimistic ideas of the world and not move over them?

I dont see why I shall have to grow up by moving over my childhood..I don’t see why I have to give up these childish aspirations.
I dont see why I shall have to give up this innocent faith which says that sooner or later everything will turn out just fine,that it doesnt know how,but someday pieces of the puzzle will just fall back together to make the perfect picture..this blind faith doesnt ask me to stop making any efforts to reach those baby desires and wait for the perfect picture to get formed by itself,it simply asks me to keep trying no matter what.To keep moving foward and someday by some swish and a flick of some magical wand,the picture will look back at me in the face!


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