Boomerang or Bitch?

‘Life’s unfair’ is one comment everyone makes about life everytime life does mean things to them. Calling life a bitch comes naturally to us when it makes things tough for us. It’ll do the meanest of things to you like it were probably getting back at you in hurt, avenging wrath..! Avenging god knows what. I mean yea, life supposedly does all these weird ass things to us in its weird ass ways only to ‘get back at us’ but most of the times I can’t help but imagine life to be this bitch with a sadistic, malicious sense of humor that can’t wait to play its jokes on mere mortals like us. After the joke’s played, it probably turns into this ugly demon that dances around in its revelry and utmost joy at having defeated us. Probably. We shall never know. But sometimes (mind you, just sometimes) when it’s being good to me, and I’m kind of feeling pally towards it, I realize it’s more like a boomerang than a bitch. It’s more like a boomerang, teaching us ‘what goes around, comes around’ than a bitch maliciously playing pranks on us.. and when you think of it that way, it becomes just the opposite of what you accuse it of being- it becomes fair. And I guess just for my convenience, I’d like to imagine it being fair. I’d like to call it a Boomerang. And not a Bitch. What would you call it?



5 thoughts on “Boomerang or Bitch?

    1. More than gratitude, it’s the readiness to accept fairness. To accept a situation even if it goes against you and to realize that however little it might be, you did play SOME role in its creation.


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