I have no clue why my post is called that. Shenanigans. And! I also have no clue what that word means. I read it somewhere the other day and my mind involuntarily made a note somewhere in its twisted corridors (wait, does the mind have corridors? Again, I have no clue why I wrote corridors) to look it up sometime.
I remembered I had to go take a look at my 3-days-old-baby-blog to check out how it was doing (check out the blog stats, I mean :P) and so logged on to find that it’d had only 3 visitors today compared to the 35 and 36 on the first two days and since that knowledge disheartened me, I decided to write a new post. Just to attract more visitors, yes. Hey but that’s not a big deal. Many people I know do that! Atleast I’m upfront enough to admit it 🙂

Anyway. So I looked it up. The word. Shenanigans. The dictionary describes it as a plural noun (informal) which means ‘secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering’. That rings a bell somewhere in the busy corridors of my mind (there goes the corridors word again).

Dishonest activity.. maneuvering. Yea. That’s just what certain people around me are upto right this minute. They’re maneuvering the truth, they’re twisting and turning it like wet clay to give it shapes that suit them best. They’re doing some absurd kind of pottery with it and then they’re hardening the newly created shapes in the kiln of the gossip network. The thing is, it’s as if the same clay is being transferred from one hand to the other, like a group of people at work, on a single pot at a single potter’s wheel, all busy making use of their creative skills to give it this unique shape that they can picture in the left side of their brain (the creative side). The pot that ultimately comes out, is nothing like a pot, btw. I don’t know if I’m making sense to you. Or if I am, then how much sense exactly. I might make a little more sense if you were to replace the word pot/shapes with the word that’s the rape victim here- truth.

Basically, by the time the poor thing comes out and has (finally!) passed all hands, it’s been raped. It’s had so many versions of itself, that it practically starts facing an identity crisis. It doesn’t know who it is. The wet clay, that was originally meant to be shaped into a a nice, domestic pot is now shaped such that nobody can make sense out of it. It’s changed, altered so drastically as to be unrecognizable. It’s ashamed of itself, and wrongfully so, just like a rape victim is at the end of the session..

The truth, is probably the last thing that one would ever want to play around with. For Christ sake!! It’s The Truth! It’s no wet clay, it’s NOT a thing to be maneuvered and it’s definitely not to be made a victim of your disgusting shenanigans. It demands and deserves your respect, and since it’s probably one of the few things that can ever respectfully do both, you owe it that respect. You owe it and must give it that respect, because the truth is actually sometimes this harmless lil thing that doesn’t really DO anything to you. I mean yes, it does get inconvenient and can get vindictive sometimes, but it definitely doesn’t become either without reason. You probably played around with it sometime. You lied. You betrayed it and befriended its enemy so it had to get even with you and so it did. The Truth is nothing if not fair. It’ll teach you a few lessons too, the times that you dare to play around with it. It’s simply too truthful and honest to put up with your deceptions.

And then there’re those that fuck around with it for no reasons whatsoever! Yes!! The Gossipmongers! That’s one category we (Truth and I) hate 😛 They stretch it, they pull it, they twist it and they turn it. They push it too sometimes. Push it into an abyss from which poor Truth is never to return. They do such mean things to it for their own convenience. Infact, not even convenience. They do things to it without even The Truth getting inconvenient for them. Why do they do it? God knows. Best reason I’ve come up with till date is that they do it for their random, inexplicable, arbitrary whims and fancies. Worst category. Deplorable? I know. Detestable? I know.

I sound vehement (it means aggressively passionate) ? Well, I am. I’m really vehement about this. If there’s one thing that I’ve ever been vehement about, it’s the truth. Yes, it often gets you in deep waters, waters way way way above your head.. but then if you know how to swim, does the depth really matter? Anyway, enough preaching for the night. I’m off now. 🙂

(P.S. I’m a terrible swimmer, btw. Just fyi 😉 And yet, the water’s so clean and inviting to me that I can’t help wanting to swim in it! And since swimming in deep waters requires a lot of courage, if nothing, you shall always be remembered for accepting the challenge- for speaking the truth)

Be courageous. Be bold.


2 thoughts on “Shenanigans.

  1. “That’s just what certain people around me are upto right this minute.” OMG! I wake up in d morning, some shit happens, and i settle down to read this.., and m like, “Shit! I’m surrounded by Shenanigans right this minute!” I cant believe this is just a co-incidence! 😛 😛


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