Why do we have to begin our projects a day before the deadlines? Always?

Why do we have to resolve to never repeat a mistake each time after we’ve made a mistake, and then stupidly commit that VERY same mistake again?

Why do we procrastinate?

Why do we sometimes act like complete nincompoops despite knowing the heavy cost that the same will demand of us?

Why does our heart go out to that ONE person who is probably never going to understand our inexplicable quishy-mushy feelings for them?

Why do we get jelly knees around them?

Why does life have to be unfair? Why do we not have all we want?

Why does the Sun have to rise in the East and set in the West? Why can’t it go the  other way?

Why can’t it all be hunky-dory? Why can’t we all have Gucci handbags and Versace clothes to show off? Why does that pleasure have to belong to just certain buffoons?

Why does Mamta Banerjee have to paint the whole town blue and white and waste all the money collected from taxes paid from OUR hard earned money?

Why does time fly in the weekends and crawl in the weekdays?

Why do vacations and love not last forever?

Why indeed.

Nobody knows. Certain things just go the way they go. Take it. Or leave it. Don’t waste time pondering over the irritatingly eternal ‘why’. 


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