Love. Feel. Hope. Cry. Embrace.

Cry. Let the tears out. Bawl and wail as if the world has come to an end. It has. You didn’t get exactly what you wanted. You didn’t get it the way you wanted it. Life’s been a bitch, and although it was just being itself by being one, it still hurt because you thought you were special and it wouldn’t be one to you. But it was. It cheated. That hurt you. The wound caused pain. So cry. Cry like a baby. Don’t look around to see who’s looking. Just bury your head into your hands and cry. Sob. Get puffy eyes and look cute. Fill all those empty buckets and help rid us of the scarcity of water. Cry. Let it out.


Hope. Hope like a child. Hope like a fool. Hope like you’re the naivest person alive. Hope even if the event you’re hoping for has just about .00000005 probability of ever happening. Hope and hope and hope on forever. Have the hope get you into a deep hot tumbler of soup. Come out of the soup and start hoping again. Don’t care about being called a fool. Don’t look around to see who’s looking and laughing. Hope.


Love. Love like the very first time. Love innocently. Purely. Selflessly (that doesn’t mean you’ve to share your razor). Love hopelessly. Fall all over, fall heels over head and then head over heels in love. Express your love. Be a helpless, hopeless fool. Love like a teenager. Write for him/her, give them gifts. Be ‘gay’. Kiss in public. Hug like it’s the end of the world. Don’t look around to see who’s looking. Just love. Get used and thrown. Be taken for granted. Go back to them like an ass everytime they make a mistake and blame it on you. Paint the town red. Love. Love unconditionally. Make a complete ass of yourself.


Fail. Fail a hundred times at the same god damn thing. Fail a test. Fail an exam. Fail your mid terms, if nothing else. Fail at the simplest task possible. Fail and then try again and fail again. Keep failing.


Brood. Brood over your past (yes, I know that’s a hot favorite). Brood over the stupidest of issues. Brood on each and every one of your passing thoughts. Brood while in class. Brood while out of it. Brood till it becomes second nature to you and you subconscious mind has picked up the job and performs it all the time regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Brood and reduce your productivity at the ongoing job/task. Brood in bed too. Brood like a retard on the most petty issues. Brood on that one comment that one ass passed at you like 5 years back. Brood.

Be dumb. Be stupid. Be blonde. Be the bloody laughing stock. Be the subject matter of the worst joke ever. Be guided by your dumb little naive little heart. Shun the little voices that come from the back of your mind. Shut them up and listen to your dumfuck heart. Choose the lil heart over the lil voices even though that’s gonna fuck you over and you know it. Be stupid.


Feel. Feel jealous when she talks to that other guy. Feel love, feel all those myriad emotions you always were in awe of. Feel them. Feel hurt. Feel happiness. Feel the sadness when she’s not around. Feel the lack. Feel the joy. Feel the pain. Feel the pleasure. Feel.                                                                                                                                                Image

Point being, never be ashamed of any of your actions/ decisions. Never be ashamed of yourself. You are who you are. Why be sorry for it? Show what you feel. It doesn’t make you a weakling. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not encouraging/ seeking to encourage exhibitionism of one’s feelings. I’m not saying that you must put your weaknesses on a free exhibition for the whole world to come and see. No. What I’m saying is that we must acknowledge/ appreciate whatever we are/ feel and that that acknowledgment indeed only makes one stronger, because it is then that we know exactly who we are and what we’re not. It is when we embrace ourselves that we grow stronger. Not when we shun/critique ourselves perpetually.

Embrace your tears. Embrace the hope. Embrace your feelings. Embrace your stupidity. Embrace your love. Embrace your thoughts. Embrace yourself.. and the world will embrace you.



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