One morning you wake up,

And you’re told

That girl, that chirpy girl you used to go out with..

The one whose smile weakened your knees..

She never was.. she never will be.

Your imagination cooked her up

Your mind was narrating to

You, a story.

What if you were told..

The story’s no more..?

Beautiful Girl Imagination (3)

You’d never rested your head on her lap,

And those soft heartbeats, were your imagination too

You’d never walked, hand in hand

Down those streets

Or shared stories numerous

Or laughs aplenty

What if she were just a story..

What if the love was a lie..

What if, this story had settled itself in your heart?

And then, what if, one day

When you woke up,

You were told

That the story- the story you’d never understood,

Yet, the one you’d lived,

is no more..?


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