Being home is always such a great feeling. If there’s one thing good which college has taught me, apart from Constitutional Law, it is appreciating home. That simple word starts having so many and such myriad meanings attached to it after one is made to stay away from it. Distance seriously makes the heart grow fonder..

Staying away from home makes one appreciate familial relations so much more. It’s this new-found sense of responsibility that one starts having towards one’s family. This sense of belonging. So much sense about other things as well. Sense about life in general. Sense about looking and thinking beyond oneself.. It’s amazing how much one starts being concerned about one’s family when they’re away. It’s sad that this concern should only arise after one is forced to stay away. One starts caring to an absurd extent.. sometimes to the extent that one actually gives up all of his/ her desires simply to keep smiles fixed on the faces of one’s folks. Maybe it’s the fact that one has irritated and annoyed them so much that one is tired of the relentless impertinence himself/ herself. One simply loses the will to rebel. One simply seeks to conform (the most cowardly yet the smartest thing to do) and live in peace. Smart choice. Cowardly choice.

Breaking conventions takes effort. A lot of effort. It’s so much more easier to conform than to argue and convince everyone about the boons of experimentation. Besides, the ones the rebel tries so hard to convince are usually a bunch of cowardly dudheads themselves.. so it’s not like the efforts will reap any results.. they won’t for a long time to come, anyway.

And for so many other reasons, it’s so much more easier to just listen to people you live with and conform with them even though you dont agree with them than to fight and be the rebel. Being the rebel is so much work.. plus, conformity can get you so much love.. and the greed for this love can attract one so much that one can almost forget one’s own dreams, wishes and aspirations. One ends up wanting the love so badly that one gives up all of one’s rebellious ideas completely. One becomes JUST what one is expected to become.. B’s mom tells B, “You’re to marry X”.. and B wants so badly to see her/ his mom happy, that B agrees.. B conforms. And you know what the worst/ best part is? This doesnt even make B sad anymore.. conformity.



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