A Friend, indeed.

Every once in a while in our lives we come across a friend who shares and actively becomes a part of our happiness.. sometimes (and the emphasis is on ‘some’, here) however, we come across one who shares our sorrows.

She walks in when the party’s over. She helps you clean up the mess your other ‘friends’ have left for you. She is the one who gets you a glass-full of lemon water and forces it down your throat to pull you out of your messy hangover from the party last night. She may or may not be around when you’re partying, but you can bet your favourite pair of old socks that she’s going to be there after you’re done.

Don’t be misled, though. It’s not like she won’t party at all with you. She will. Just, her modus operandi for having fun will perhaps, be slightly unconventional. Moments you’ve spent with her are always going to be super special.. that one time you both schemed up against your ex like bitchy teenagers to get even with him.. that one impulsive tram-ride through one of the most beautiful parts of your city.. the pep talk sessions.. her very first visit to your place which doesn’t turn out like a typical first visit at all.. her constant reminders to you about papers you need to start studying for, unless you’re planning to flunk.. her abusing the hell out of a guy who annoys you.. her being there for you, when almost nobody’s there.. slowly holding your hand from somewhere and saying, “How does it matter if they’re there or not, when I am there?” ..

She’s thoughtful without even intending to be the same. She loves you but has very very novel ways of expressing her love. She’s not perfect, neither are you.. but your imperfections make you both realize how important it is to accept each other’s imperfections perfectly.

The subtle ways and means she employs to let her love for you be known, leave you touched every time. Sometimes you wonder where you’d be without her, but then decide to not wonder about the tragedy at all. Life would be a tad more tragic had she not been around. She lightens up the tragedy by adding a little bit of comedy to it and that makes all the difference in the world. Life is a tragic comedy usually for most people. She  comes along and makes yours, a comical tragedy. 🙂

You don’t share experiences with her- you create moments. Moments that you’re always, and forever, going to treasure. She’s your buddy in need. She’s a buddy indeed.

Usually, we’re so busy looking at friends we’ve known in the past and reminiscing about the moments we’ve spent with them, that we almost forget that even right here, right now, we might be creating some very beautiful moments with someone that are going to grow into stories a couple of years down the line. Stories are fun to tell, sure, but in the end, they are just that- stories. They often come with regrets about not having expressed our gratitude/ happiness/ joy/ delight to the person concerned when the time was right. ‘Later’ might be too late. ‘Later’ might never come. Hence, when you’re having a good time, make a conscious effort to realize then and there that you’re creating memories, and make a mental note to thank your friend for the good time.

I found one such great friend in someone I’ve known for two and a half years now and I decided to acknowledge her presence and thank her before it’s too late. Have you found such a friend yet? And have you thanked her? Don’t save the thank you for later. Go and give her a huge bear hug- and do it now, before it’s too late.




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