But then I grew up..

So I was reading this ‘poem’ that I’d written back in 2010.. on the 15th of November, 2010 to be precise, and I realized how life goes around in circles. Either it goes around in circles, or I haven’t learnt anything at all in the past 4 years and I’m in exactly the same position (maturity and wisdom- wise) as I was 4 years back. Since the latter is not a very happy/ uplifting thought and also for various other reasons, I’ll presume that life does go around in circles. I’m facing the same situations again. And I’m revisiting the lessons that I thought I’d learnt back then. When I wrote this poem that’s going to follow, I obviously must have thought that I’d grown up enough to not  be required to face this same shit again. I was wrong apparently. We don’t learn lessons like these very easily now, do we? Read on.

I used to think life was about elves and pixies

Little fairies and angels

That pranced around trees

Wishes, on shooting stars

Wondrous rainbows -shadowing mountains afar

I was content with the world

I was free as a bird..

But then practicality struck..and I grew up.


I used to think people were comrades to be trusted

Who cared for each other

And for company, who lusted

Friends, they’d die for

Out of friendship- they’d never mature

I’d thought ‘twas an uncomplicated place

Where lived the human race

But then I made ‘friends’..and I grew up.


I used to think that Love was what made the world go round

True love was a possession

Because it was rarely ever found

Feelings, were hot property

If accompanied by veracity

I’d thought it was an easy search..

Of such Love, there was no dearth

But then followed bad experiences..and I grew up..



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