To Belong.

She didn’t look extraordinary, but usually managed to pull off second glances from onlookers. She wasn’t Einstein, but she could talk sense and make a few points and get you to listen. She wasn’t graceful or poised, but there was something lovable about her which hid the lack of gracefulness for the beholder who was willing to look beyond the lack of grace and beauty. There was barely anything about her which might set her apart from the crowd.

Her eyes, though, had something about them. Appealing and revealing in parts, they had a sense of secrecy about them too, as if they hid something precious from the world. And they did hide a lot of data. Anyone looking at them would often get drawn into their lure- the lure of the unknown, on a journey to discover this woman. And so, they were drawn to her. As such, she had no lack of company but she often got lonely. She was not alone- she was lonely. There are people who are alone but not lonely, and then there are those who are not alone but are lonely. She was a part of the second and the more dangerous category.

So there were men who offered her company, and there were those who joined in without her invitation and there were intelligent men and dumb ones, handsome ones and not-so-handsome ones, but there was a common thread that ran through them all. They were all just concerned with the animal part of their desires. They didn’t want responsibility, they just wanted ‘fun’. And the ones who were willing to take up the job, were not even remotely meeting the eligibility criteria.

She was going to be single forever. And that was a mighty depressing thought to have for a girl who ‘simply wanted to belong to someone’.


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