The Red Sky.

“Kush, look at the sky! It’s so red. Is the night sky always so beautifully red, here?”

“It’s probably because of the refraction, Madhvi.” She smiled – first to herself when she heard the answer, and then, at the red sky.

She was reminded of how he had always preferred blue over red, insisting that the former was much more sophisticated.

But here she was, struck with the beautiful red of the night sky in his city.

Red was for love, for adventure, for passion, for wrath. So many emotions were trapped in this one colour. All wholly different, but intricately related to one another… where there was love, there would be anger. A lack of anger combined with other variables, could sometimes point towards a lack of love..

Blue, on the other hand, was the colour of coolness. Still, icy coolness. Blue, was calmness on one hand, and indifference, on the other.

Madhvi didn’t like blue. No. And so she stared on, delighted by the red sky.

Red sky,

A clouded mind,

A thousand questions

Mostly, unanswered.

And yet,

She was submerged,

In elation.

‘Twas a lost cause,

But here she was,

Chasing the dream,

A dream that was painted,


Red, for a love that was lost

Red, for uninhibited passion

A deeper shade, for the daring adventure,

Even deeper,

For the associated, evident, yet overlooked,


Beneath those skies

Tinted with ambiguous

Yet, alluring shades

Passion was unbridled.

Answers were sought

Some were found

And then, the lost love,

Was lost again.

She lost again,

What she thought she’d found-

The red sky

Was now blue..


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