Escaping Exam Time Sadness

Often it seems like our mind starts functioning at a very different pace when end semester exams are at the door. Like literally at the door. So the mind does everything in its hands to ensure that it doesn’t open the door to welcome the unwanted guest (Exams).

It is during this time that the mind starts functioning extremely fast, and thinks a thousand thoughts a minute, but usually about all the unnecessary things. Obviously.

My exams begin day after and all I can think about are the following things.

How the fee structure of our University (governed by an Act/ Statute and a Government institution, as such) is highly disproportionate to the facilities/ amenities that one may legitimately expect from such a fee structure. Also, you cannot help but get reminded of the fact that since it’s partly a Government funded institution, you should probably not be getting charged as high an amount of fees as you are getting charged right now. Like a hundred other things you would like to do something about but simply sleep through, you decide to sleep over this as well. But for how long can you sleep over it? Only till the time your exams knock on the door. Your brain then decides it’s the right time to do something about this nagging issue.

Exam time is also the time when you tend to day dream like never before. So you see pictures of an ex-schoolmate in London and you develop a wanderlust (perfect timing, eh), the ads on facebook about all the clothes and shoes you could shop online on discounted prices beg and tease you to check out their stuff and you give in to their pleadings. Your ex’s profile suddenly gets more enchanting than ever before and worries about family issues that you weren’t truly concerned about till like a week back, suddenly seem like issues that demand your immediate attention. And you give in to all these calls for your attention.

Bloody escapist. Procrastinator. Lazy fuckin bum. *Sigh*

The things we do to escape the moment! It’s like the brain is playing games with itself just to keep away from work. Work that really needs to be done.

Books beckon and I would be smart to take their call now. Tch. Such a waste of overflowing creative energy. Adios.


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