Of Beautiful Battlefields.

There are battles one loses and there are losses that pinch. Love is no battle but there’s still a bloody battlefield. Your worthy opponent has an army of cupids here. So cupid strikes arrows here, its arrows made of the sweetest things. The struck do not die, but are fallen forever.

Death would be a nicer enemy. For to be on the wrong side of the cupid is to be made to drown in a well full of sugar syrup. It is sugar syrup, yes, but you’re still drowning. You’re drowning, but it is still sugar syrup.

There is indeed no greater defeat than the defeat faced in love. How can you strike someone you love? You can’t. That’s the tragedy and the beauty. A mother cannot strike her daughter no matter how impudent the daughter gets. You can see your lover walk away with another, and you can do it without flinching. Does not mean you’re not dying within.

Wars prepare you for falling. Damned cupid does not. First it strikes one person’s name in your heart, and then another’s in the one’s heart.

What’s the safest way out? It’s out of the battlefield. No matter how beautiful or challenging it may seem. Battles and wars aren’t worth engaging in, anyway. The world needs peace. You deserve peace.

So are you conceding defeat? Far from it… Remember, there are some defeats which are victories in disguise.

Walk on, dear, walk on.


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