La Douleur Exquise

He was bandaging a fresh cut she had got on her hands. Blood did not freak her out, she seemed rather relaxed, though he noticed that her guard was up. Pointing that out would irk her so he remained quiet for a while.

Eventually, temptation overcame him and so he couldn’t help remarking, “Pain is easier avoided than resisted, you know, Madhvi.” The expression her eyes revealed made him laugh.

He instantly knew he’d ruffled a feather, but also knew he was someone who could get away with it. He was expecting a comeback, and it came quickly.

Curtly, almost smugly, she replied, “Then pain’s a lot like you, Kush.”

He laughed ruefully at the ease with which she had just made him a pain of her life.

She laughed wryly in return at how brilliantly misunderstood she was here. Pain. La Douleur Exquise, she thought to herself and smiled. 


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