The Sunbird.

The sky was overcast

As clouds black and grey

Entered the horizon

Awakening on their way-

A horizon that was otherwise calm,

And a dream, a hope… a suppressed storm.

The storm in the mind

Of a little sunbird

Of flying far and away

Round and ‘bout the world

But the nest was home

The family his own

Was he nurtured with love

Only to be disowned?

“What dreams do you fall on

What flames do you fan

Which way would you fly

In this thunderous storm?

We can’t let you go, baby

We can’t let you go.”

“There’s a storm outside, Ma

And a hurricane within

One beckons to me with zeal

The other pulls me in…”

“It’s probably crazy out there”, she said

“And it’s cosy in here

But I must get going, Ma

I must fly back home..”

So off he flew

In the wake of the dawn

Away from one home

To find his own..

The sky was still overcast

The clouds still grey

But the hope was in his eyes now…

Yes, he met wonders on his way.


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