Not the ‘Fault in Our Stars’

The stars running the Universe
Seem to have a lot to do
Yet in between
Pushing results of elections
And picking from among billions
Who dies next
They found time to meddle
With me and you.
For fun, it seems
They put me in your path
In simplistic jest
Changing my life too
Giggling away
As we began to get along,
unaware, of their plot anew.
Pushing us closer
To pull us apart
I can only marvel at how they conspired
To keep me from your reality
when it mattered
And to keep you from my reality
Long after it didn’t cease to matter to you.
But in between the marveling,
I’m interrupted to ask myself,
That, then again, did they?
Did these stars
with so much burning on their hands
(literally, and otherwise)
actually, indeed, find time
to play with us?
I’d like, to believe,
(for it’s easier)
and marvel at how;
The stars concocted this royal mess
Especially for me and you
But then I remember
we’re far less important
And maybe it wasn’t the stars
Keeping us apart
Maybe it was always me,
And/ or maybe it was you.

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